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Tony Pua (DAP MP) arrested, to be charged today! - malaysiakini

From Tony's blog:

Was at the candlelight vigil against ISA as well as to commemorate the first anniversary of BERSIH gathering. the story you can read from Malaysiakini.

I was arrested while seeking out Ronnie Liu and the senior police officers in charge to make sure that everyone is ok.

the CPO Selangor issued the call to arrest me, and 2 guys came over to grab one arm each and pushed me towards the Black Maria.

I stated that I will walk, don't be rough but they tore my shirt instead. I repeated my call and 3 other police officers came at me, one with the knees into my belly while another attempted to kick my shin.

They then chucked me against the back of the Black Maria truck and shoved me up despite me stating that I can climb myself.

Apparently after waiting some 2 hours plus, it appears that they are going to keep us for the night here, and charge us tomorrow.

Weng San was also assaulted and had major bruises and some bleeding on the face. He saw the police who assaulted him here at the station, and Ronnie confronted him for his name. he appeared shaken by the demand and he refused to give his name and gave insted some very rude retorts.

Will update if I have sufficient battery. We are in good spirits and the lawyers have just been allowed in. So don't worry guys and gals :-)

Ah, and yes, its my first time. Not at all glamourous. :-)

Malaysiakini's report on the incident: Police arrest 24 including MPs and assemblymen in PEACEFUL VIGIL!

Don't you feel disgusted at the police? I think they are taking revenge for RPK's freedom!

Tony Pua to hold a Press Conference at 11am in Parliament today. Stay tuned for more news on that!

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