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Eyewitness: Police charged into peaceful crowd during Negaraku - malaysiakini

Blogger CY recounts the horrible ordeal:

I was attending the AmCorp mall vigil with my wife. Reached there around
9:30pm, after wrestling with road blocks and looking for a car park.

We were told that the crowd dispersed and we witnessed FRUs right at the entrance of the mall.

Then we decided to go ahead to Civic centre when were told that everyone is moving there.

Met RPK along the way, He still look tired, but better spirit. We were
talking with others who marched towards Civic centre, and most was
expressing their anger with the Authority trying to depress our voices.
Some was saying that we will give them a good lesson come GE13.

Deep in my heart, I know if we do not do it now, and continue mounting pressure, there will be no genuine GE13.

Reached Civic centre, greeted Marina, and the short ceremony begun.

Both of us was standing outside the crowd. We heard Tony said that if
there's no BERSIH rally, he will probably not been elected.

Then we started singing "Negara Ku", when we are about to finish, FRU charged us.