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Selangor assemblyman Lau Weng San punched during vigil - malaysiakini

From Weng San's blog:

I was arrested by police in front of MBPJ. Hit twice at the face. The second punch hurts my lips and it's bleeding, also a few scratches on my face. The riot police marched in to disperse the crowd without any warning.

As elected rep, I went forward to the first truck and would like to access the situation. I was scolded off in a very rude way and was chasen away by them. I repeatedly told them that I merely wanted to know who were arrested. I was scolded off again and I told the plainclothes to be polite.

Then I was dragged into the truck while punch twice at my face. The police officers applied some yellow lotion on my wounds to avoid the breeding. I manage to recognise the plaincloth who beat me. I will lodge a police report against the injuries. Ronnie and I saw him in the police station just now and Ronnie went forward to 'interogate' him, asking him about his name. He refused to give but thank God I can recognise him even he is reduced to ashes.

Malaysiakini's report here: Police arrest 24 including MPs and assemblymen in PEACEFUL VIGIL!

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