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PKR blasts Trengganu police - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

PKR is upset that the police failed to issue the party with a permit to hold a ceramah yesterday, ostensibly because Friday and Saturday were holidays in Terengganu.


"It is strange that with 6,000 police personnel, they cannot administer the issuance of permits," PKR information chief Tian Chua told a press conference in Kuala Terengganu today.

Chua said it was inexcusable for the police to use the holiday as a reason to shirk their duties.

kuala terengganu by election 100109 pkr pc.JPG"Can you imagine, if you lost your identity card? Will they say ‘Today is a Friday and because it is a holiday, and I’m not taking this report’. I regret that the police have this attitude," he lamented.

Chua added that under normal circumstances, for example during the Permatang Pauh by-election, party workers merely had to inform the police on the details of the ceramah and did not need to obtain a permit.

"But we still respect the police and followed procedures. But for two days, we were told that it was not a working day and the office was closed," he said.

Cops quiz Teja rep

At the time of writing however, PKR eventually managed to obtain a permit to hold a ceramah tonight after approaching the police again late this evening.

chang lih kangMeanwhile, Chua that the police today recorded statements from Teja assemblyperson Chang Lih Kang over an ceramah last night which proceeded without a permit.

"This is a method to restrict our campaign, in view of our increasing momentum in the Bandar state constituency (which has a Chinese majority)," he said.

A police officer was seen recording statements from Chang at the PKR operations room in Jalan Kota Lama before the press conference began.

PKR and DAP have been tasked with campaigning for PAS candidate Abdul Wahid Endut in the predominantly Chinese areas