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Dammit idiots, the CHINESE VOTE WILL NOT BE THE DECIDING FACTOR IN KT! - malaysiakini

I'm tired of everyone saying that the Chinese will be the kingmakers in the Kuala Trengganu by election (Just read Malaysiakini or listen to some of the MSM). They won't. Heres the math to prove why.

- The Malay vote will not be EQUALLY SPLIT. Lets just say it gets split 52%/48%, which is a very small difference to begin with (within the margin of error in most polling data).

- A margin of 52%/48% in terms of Malay votes is equal to a 66.2%/34.8% in terms of Chinese votes.

- In other words, a 4 percent margin difference in terms of Malay votes can neutralise a 32% difference in Chinese votes.

- The Chinese would have to be OVERWHELMINGLY, OVERWHELMINGLY supportive of one particular party (perhaps double the rate of March 8) for them to affect the small voting difference of Malays.

- That is not going to happen.

- Furthermore, although not all the 5,000 card carrying MCA members are real MCA members, their numbers are significant enough to prevent 90%/10% support for PAS.

- The urban factor will also prevent BN from getting overwhelming (as in 90/10) support from the Chinese.

- Hence the Chinese vote will not play a large role in this by election.

- Therefore all who keep harping on the Chinese as kingmakers in KT issue are idiots.