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Multilingual roadsigns also cannot? (ref. malaysiakini)

Malaysiakini's report:

Barisan Nasional backbenchers today urged the federal government to take action against the DAP-led Penang government for using multi-lingual road signs.

mohamad aziz sri gading mpMohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) said the Penang government's decision to implement the multi-language road signs instead of road signs in the national language was disrespectful to the nation's social contract.

"I want the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, with courage, with honesty, to explicitly tell the House what kind of action will it take against the insolence displayed by the Penang government to use road signs with three languages which is disrespectful to the federal constitution," he said.

He then argued that the constitution stated that Bahasa Malaysia was the primary language of the nation and must be used as the main language for public road signs.

Deputy Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Teng Boon Soon however responded by saying that the matter fell within the jurisdiction of the state government and not the ministry.

He also said that the constitution emphasised on respect for other languages.

Umno bullies

Frustrated by Teng's reply, Mohamad raised his voice and accused Teng of attempting to evade his question. The MP for Sri Gading also found an ally in Puad Zarkashi (BN-Batu Pahat) who intercepted and demanded that the Penang government retracted their multi-lingual road sign policy.

Pakatan Rakyat MPs, who remained silent during the entire ruckus, then took the opportunity to rile up both Puad and Mohamad by calling them as "Umno bullies" - referring to recent news report on BN component party members' complaining about political bullying by Umno.

Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee at this point told both Mohamad and Puad to sit down and resume with the session.

The Penang state government revealed on Monday that it planned to put up street names and road signs in multiple languages at heritage areas for the benefit of tourists and visitors.

State Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee chairperson Chow Kon Yeow said that the languages would depend on the cultural characteristics of the streets in question.

"There have been requests for road signs in various languages now that George Town has received Unesco recognition as a world heritage site. The state has, in principle, agreed to have signs in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Tamil, and maybe even Arabic," he had said -

WTF? Multilingual roadsigns violates the 'social contract'?


muliahati said...

I am in support of penang goment on the multi-lingual road sign,it does show the tourist over who visited penang that malaysian live with multi-ethnic races are respecting each others well,as refer from MP ,sri gading objection that is only of his personal view to gain popularity.We understood that a national language is a compulsory.