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Why the hell would you not publicly release an audit on PKFZ?

This is part of the ONLY IN MALAYSIA series.

Read this excerpt from this Malaysiakini report:

International accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has begun auditing the controversial government 'soft loan' provided to Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), among other contentious issues...“Auditing started this month and is expected to be completed by year’s end. Whether or not the report will be made public will be decided by the transport minister,” he said -

You employ this international auditing firm with our money, and then you keep the results a secret from us. ONLY IN MALAYSIA!

Wheres the public accountability?

You are using the rakyat's money to employ an international auditing firm (which would probably comes at double the cost to Malaysian taxpayers, pocket here, pocket there, pocket everywhere). If you are using our money, then bloody hell, make the report public!

The transport ministry itself was implicated in this scandal! Why the hell would you put the authority in the hands of the suspected? ONLY IN MALAYSIA!

Why not release the auditor's report, fully?


How can you put the responsibility and authority in the hands of the suspected and give him the authority to decide whether the release a report that would POTENTIALLY INCRIMINATE THEM? ONLY IN MALAYSIA!


jatt said...

It would be great if the full audit report released to the public!Let us people judge!