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MB Khalid elaborates on why September 16 takeover did not happen - malaysiakini interview

Malaysiakini has released the full interview of Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim. The following is the excerpt on the takeover plan:

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said he has the numbers needed to form a new government. Will you seek an audience with the King to show him proof that he has and ask him to decide?

We are working towards it. Anwar is very careful - we have to be very careful. Because any rushed action may end up in curtailing the democratic process. We do know Malaysia had that experience in 1969. It is not in our interests that by seeking to acquire government, people are deprived of democracy.

You think Barisan will resort to that kind of thing?

Well, you calculate the probability. You may say it is a small probability. But however small it is...

I’m among those who are not seeking to wrest control of the government at all costs. The people have to come first, and everything else should follow. Of course, we have a situation where once we do it, we have to go back to the people and decide whether you want us to be in power or not. There may have to be elections as early as possible to gain legitimate recognition for this new government.

anwar ibrahim pc call for emergency parliament meeting 180908 01But of course, in politics, the game is fluid. I do not have any experience in this. Logically, I can think. But politics is not logical. Taking over a corporation, I can handle. But taking over a government, you are handling different sets of groups of people.

Anwar has got a feel for it. By any imagination, would people have said five years ago or predicted that PAS, DAP and PKR would get together? But it has been translated into reality. For that, we have to give him (Anwar) credit. He feels he wants the steps to be correct.

He has got an idealism such that if you can get to rule the federal government, it would be better. But I am of the opinion that we have to be careful, that by taking over government, you do not trade in democracy.

You think it’s a factor that Anwar wants to be prime minister before (former PM) Dr Mahathir Mohamad dies?

This is my personal opinion: Anwar has gone through that process of life. He has in some way forgiven Mahathir for whatever Mahathir has done to him. But that doesn’t mean he will not pursue his ambition. Those are two different things. He wants to pursue his ambitions, but he has forgiven Mahathir publicly and, sometimes, even privately. Of course, he is not the same. I would have worst (feelings against Mahathir) if I were in his shoes and gone through that. But his ambition is that he wants to become a statesman.

I don’t think Anwar wants to hit back at him. If he wanted to hit him back, you do not have to be a public figure to do all that. But I think Mahathir should also appreciate the wisdom and maturity that Anwar has undergone. He has been trained by Mahathir through his own ways, of putting him through prison, and so on.

Anwar is a leader, you cannot take that away from him. Let him try. If he feels that doesn’t fit into the agenda, then good luck. -

What do you think?

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