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Badawi supporters converge at PWTC - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

Scores of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's supporters have gathered outside the Putra World Trade Centre building in Kuala Lumpur as the prime minister meets with BN leaders to brief them on the power transfer.


Armed with banners, the supporters are calling on the embattled premier to continue until 2010 amid speculations that he might be forced to step down earlier.

crash style dark type pak lah and najib 250908The banners read: 'Hormati peralihan kuasa, elakan perpecahan lagi' (Respect the transition of power, avoid further rifts) and 'Pak Lah, teruskan perjuangan' (Pak Lah, continue the struggle).

The supporters also chanted 'Hidup Pak Lah' (Long live Pak Lah) and 'Pak Lah presiden, Najib timbalan'. (Pak Lah as president, Najib as deputy).

Abdullah is expected to announce his decision regarding his position as Umno president after the Barisan Nasional special supreme council meeting.

The meeting is underway. -

No prize to who manages to guess what Badawi's decision is.