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Malaysiakini's report:

Embattled Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has decided to defend his post after a three-hour meeting with his supporters that dragged into the wee hours of the morning.


abdullah ahmad badawi najib razak pc change portfolio 170908 06In a posting on his blog, Umno leader Ruhanie Ahmad said the meeting, which started at about 11pm, was held at the prime minister’s official residence in Putrajaya.

Ruhanie, the former Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBC) chairperson, added that some 200 supporters had attended the meeting, including some of the staunch supporters of Umno vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam.

He said that Abdullah is expected to announce his decision to stay on at the BN special supreme council meeting scheduled for 3.30pm this afternoon.

The premier, who took over the reins of the party and nation in 2003, has come under intense pressure to step down since the ruling coalition's dismal showing in the March 8 polls. -

Looks like hes not going anywhere... yet

Reporting from Malaysiakini.


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