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Anwar's black eye fiasco thickens - Woah baby, woah! (ref. malaysiakini)

When the media gag order was put into place, no one raised an eyebrow. No one even noticed it. I think The Star didn't even report it. Malaysiakini did report it, probably trying to hint at the Malaysian public that there is more than meets the eye.

But when the gag order was lifted less than a day ago, the evidence was damning. The evidence was shocking. And the evidence left me thinking how stupid I was in 1998 to believe all that propaganda.

Apparantly I am not the only one to go wow. My favorite Malaysian blooger 5XMom also went wow.

If you don't know what the hell I am talking about, go read Malaysiakini's report here.

But back to the point.

Woah baby, woah.

To put it in simpler terms (anyone else found the report slightly confusing?)

  • Mat Zain (retired police officer that probed the black eye incident in 1998) said he “believed Abdul Gani (current AG and prosecutor in Anwar's 1998 case) concealed important facts from Mohtar’s (the AG in 1998) knowledge
  • Mat Zain also said there was an attempt to insert "insert irrelevant and suspicious statements" into the medical report by this Dr Abdul Rahman. Mat Zain is confident that Dr Abdul Rahman has never examined Anwar. In other words, this Dr Rahman has supernatural powers. How else are you able to write a medical report without meeting the patient.
  • Mat Zain also said that Gani was on the 30th floor in Bukit Aman when Anwar was assaulted and he knew about the assault.
  • Mat Zain also said that Gani withheld the results of Zain's investigation from Mokhtar. He received it from Mat Zain on the 26th and 30th of October. Mokhtar said on 7th of November that he had not received any report. Must have been lost in the mail. If anything its Pos Malaysias fault!
Oh, and Zain's suing Anwar for 30 million.

So its Anwar vs. Zain, Zain vs. Gani, Gani vs. Anwar.

Gotta love that love triangle.

But on another note, it is unprecedented and ridiculous for such a senior administrative officer to keep his position when he is under investigation, putting him in a position to be able to tamper and hide evidence. That has already started, with Gani's signing of the order to transfer Sodo Mee II to the high cout (silencing the witness).

Gani Patel should take indefinite leave until he is cleared or sacked. That is the only way to do it.

Reforming, Badawi? Then get your ass into the AG's chambers and suspend him.

Or is it only all talk?