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Zaid to join PKR, army ordered to camps (ref. Malaysiakini)

It has been rumored that ex Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim is joining PKR today (18/9). In other news, 34 MPs have apparently signed notes declaring their intention to join Pakatan Rakyat.

If this happens, I wouldn't be surprised. Zaid purposely left his political future open (Malaysiakini reports: Malaysiakini: Zaid sticks to 'quit' decision, open to joining PKR)

Zaid indicated he could join the opposition PKR, which political observers say could form a new government if the ruling coalition continues to defy calls for reform.

"I have an open mind and am not in a hurry to make a decision," he said.

In the same news item featured in PerakExpress, it has been also rumored that all holidays granted to the army have been frozen, and the army is to stay in their respective camps.

Change coming?

Disclaimer: The author asserts no authenticity to this claim and would like to repeat that this news item was taken from PerakExpress.