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PM refuses to meet Anwar

Report from The Star:

KEPALA BATAS: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to reveal the names of the Barisan Nasional MPs the Opposition Leader claims are crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat.

The Prime Minister said here on Tuesday that he would not entertain Anwar’s request to meet him until the list is made public.

Abdullah also told a press conference that he is still in command of the Government and country despite talks and rumours about his political future and alleged uncertainties in the country.

Looks like our PM is refusing to meet Anwar, knowing that Anwar has already said that he would not reveal the names publicly. Evidently, from his earlier press conference Anwar refused to reveal the names fearing harrassment:

In response to a question asking why Anwar was not releasing the names publicly, he replied:

Anwar: Questions are raised on who and where are they. We name them now and they get harassed immediately. So I'm telling you now that I will choose to confide in the prime minister.

Later on in the press conference, when asked whether there is a cutoff point or a limit as to how long the PM can wait, Anwar responds:

We want to present a case that is responsible and is perceived to be quite conciliatory. We want the transition to be peaceful and therefore it is quite important that we give the right signals.

But there is a limit to one's patience, particularly when we've the numbers. So, I think that given a few more days, Pakatan leaders will have to sit down and reconsider its options.
Then when asked what if the PM refuses to meet him, Anwar says:

I believe he will meet us.

Wrong Anwar, wrong. He does not want to meet you.

You overestimated the political maturity of the present regime. Looks like you have to adopt a harsher tone and act more drastically now. The ball's in your court now.

PAKATAN SEEKS AUDIENCE WITH AGONG? Time for intervention, anyone?

PM rejects meeting with Anwar

PM rejects meeting with Anwar