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PM rejects meeting with Anwar

The Malaysiakini report. Aren't you a bit late, Malaysiakini? The Politics Blog broke this news more than 3 hours ago!

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has tossed the ball back to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s court.

Stating that he would not meet the Pakatan Rakyat leader to discuss any transition of power plan, the premier also challenged Anwar to reveal the names of the alleged Barisan Nasional defectors.

abdullah ahmad badawi pm pc 160908 02“There is no need to meet him on the so-called power transition,” the embattled premier told newsmen after handing Hari Raya goodies to senior citizens and students in his Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency today.
Anwar this afternoon reiterated that he has the support of more than 31 BN legislators and is ready to form government.

However, Abdullah brushed aside the claim as a mere publicity stunt by Anwar to "popularise himself".

“If he really has the list of MPs, he should just reveal it, and need not wait to meet me. He does not have the list. He is a liar,” said the prime minister.

anwar ibrahim pakatan rakyat september 16 annoucement pc 160908 03He acknowledged having received the Pakatan leader’s letter, but revealed that it was only a request to discuss general national issues.

“The letter did not state anything about transition of power or list of defectors. Otherwise, he would not be waiting patiently buying time and making so much noise about it,” he said.

He also dismissed as "crazy" Anwar’s concern that defectors may be arrested or emergency might be declared to stop the planned takeover.

“I don’t believe in using ISA on such defectors. It’s crazy to suggest such things,” he said.

Resignation accepted

When asked if the police had informed him before they arrested three persons - blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, Selangor exco Teresa Kok and journalist Tan Hoon Cheng - under the ISA last Friday, Abdullah replied no.

“But it’s okay if they don’t inform me,” he said.

zaid ibrahim resignation from ministerial post 160908 06Abdullah also said he was receptive to difference of opinions expressed by BN leaders on the ISA detention.

“But what is important is the final decision by the government,” he added.

Meanwhile, the premier also said that he has accepted de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim’s resignation from the cabinet, which is effective from today and added that he had not decided on a replacement.

“Meantime, the government will continue with its reforms on the legal and justice system,” assured Abdullah.

Balls in your court now, Anwar. How will you play?