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F*ck non confrontational - Take over now, Anwar!

Non confrontational. Passive. Soft approach.

Anwar, this ain't gonna work.

Your opponents are already hammering you left right and centre.

Looks at the Malaysiakini report on the PM:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has tossed the ball back to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s court.

Stating that he would not meet the Pakatan Rakyat leader to discuss any transition of power plan, the premier also challenged Anwar to reveal the names of the alleged Barisan Nasional defectors.

abdullah ahmad badawi pm pc 160908 02“There is no need to meet him on the so-called power transition,” the embattled premier told newsmen after handing Hari Raya goodies to senior citizens and students in his Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency today...

...However, Abdullah brushed aside the claim as a mere publicity stunt by Anwar to "popularise himself".

“If he really has the list of MPs, he should just reveal it, and need not wait to meet me. He does not have the list. He is a liar,” said the prime minister....

Not enough? What about this Malaysiakini report on Muhyiddin?

Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin today blasted Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for his psychological war against Barisan Nasional in the bid to topple the government.


He also revealed that former Umno strongman Anwar was using his (Muhyiddin's) name to entice other BN parliamentarians to join the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

"This is a ploy (by Anwar)... by (putting) my name on top the list (of BN defectors), hoping to garner support from other BN MPs," he asserted.

Met after breaking fast with the media at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur tonight, he described Anwar as a politician "greedy for power".

"This is a desperate attempt by Anwar," said Muhyiddin, who is also the international trade and industry minister.

F the soft, non confrontational approach. You are not against a fair playing government here. You are looking like a desperate politician trying to cling onto power. Have you read the Malaysian Insider review:

One should always call a spade a spade. In this case, Anwar's claim is a game of charades which is being inflicted on this country.

If he has the support there is no reason to believe he would not show the list of names to all Malaysians.

For all those Malaysians who felt their intelligence insulted by Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar when he said Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng had been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for her own protection, here is another one courtesy of Anwar.

But more than an insult, what Anwar attempted today is an insult to all right thinking Malaysians who yearn for reform, and who have placed their hopes in Anwar and his PR alliance of parties.

Today represents a hammer-blow to the credibility of Anwar and his allies.

Malaysians who voted for PR parties in the March elections wanted change. Many were fed up with what they perceived to be the widespread corruption and arrogance of the BN government.

The strong message sent to the BN government also revived the flagging relevance of Anwar.

Anwar, ever the ambitious politician, smelled blood and instinctively went for the kill.

But his failure to deliver has inflicted a serious wound on the opposition parties. It is a question of credibility.

No one demanded that the PR alliance form the federal government by Sept 16.

Anwar made the pledge...

You are looking desperate. Needy. Attention seeking.

Act now. Be aggressive. If you want a government change, do it now!

This is no way to lead a country! Passively!

Take charge!

While you sit passively, ISA detainees are still locked up, the government is still milking us, and your credibility is falling by the day.

The people are waiting. They are waiting, but they won't wait forever!

We want action, we want action now!

F**k non confrontational - Take over now, Anwar!