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Lets just ISA them all!

As if lying to the rakyat about the reasons for the ISA detentions were not enough, UMNO continues to make hypocritical lies to the nation:

The following is a Malaysiakini report on Muhyiddin:

"Why is he so obsessed with taking over power that is legitimate. Why does he want to form a government through an undemocratic way," asked the minister, adding that he has faith in BN MPs who have pledged their loyalty to the ruling coalition.

First he lies to the nation by calling Anwar's attempts to form the government undemocratic. Mr. Muhyiddin, I think you should go and look up what democracy is. What Anwar is doing is the very essence of democracy. If elected officials think that their constituents are best served by defecting to Anwar, then they should do so, without threats or barriers. The essence of democracy, the checks and balances, are all in play here, Muhyiddin. In democracy people vote. In a democracy elected officials vote for who they support. If the elected officials, acting as checks and balances, disagree with the current administration, they defect. This is democracy. This is in no way undemocratic, so stop you and your gang's bullshit and crap about crossovers being undemocratic, and perhaps learn a little about democracy.

Then he goes on to say (Malaysiakini report):

Asked about Anwar's request to meet Abdullah, Muhyiddin exclaimed: "No! There is no need for him to meet the prime minister. Don't be fooled by Anwar. Don't fall into the trap, he has something up his sleeve."

So by refusing to meet Anwar, you are serving this country... how?

UMNO: I want to hear everything, oh rakyat of Malaysia. Tell me everything, ugly or beauty. Just don't tell me anything I don't like. No, I don't want to listen to you journalist that criticise me. No, I don't want to listen to you, opposition leader. I only want to listen to the rakyat that praise and worship me.

Oh, and you journalists and reporters should report everything honestly. Tell me the truth! Just don't report anything I don't want to hear. If not I will ISA you. Same goes to you, MPs. And bloggers. And activists. And NGOs. Oh well. Lets just ISA them all.

Problem solved.