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The Tree of Democracy

The Perak state assembly today voted under a tree (I heard it was an mango tree) to dissolve the current state assembly. In addition, it voted to pass a vote of no confidence against the BN 'MB' while reaffirming its confidence in the Perak MB Nizar.

Why were they meeting under a tree? Because the police blocked them from assessing the state assembly.

Yes. Although the speaker is the proverbial 'king' of the house.

The (BN controlled) police should know that it is not the venue, or the chairs, or even the royal mace that makes up the state assembly.

It is the state assemblymen and people.

And they have spoken today, under a tree, just like Jesus did under a tree, just like Buddha gained enlightenment under a tree, just like Melaka was founded under a tree, just like Ipoh was named after a tree. They have spoken, under that fateful tree.

And they have spoken for the rakyat of Perak.


A moment of humour occurred when the Speaker asked the Aduns, "Setuju?"

Instead, of just the Aduns responding, the whole crowd shouted "Setuju!"

The Aduns had to explain to the crowd that the Setuju response was only for the Aduns.

Someone in the crowd muttered to my contact, "We are also part of this assembly. We have a right to express our confidence in the MB."
- Anil's commentary