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Kelantan royalty Tengku Razaleigh has come out against the political coup in Perak.

Once again, the honesty and integrity of a man that came so close to becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia can truly be seen here.

Sadly, his calls will most definitely, again, fall on deaf ears as those in UMNO and BN continue their pursuit of power and money, of personal fame and glory.

Ku Li, you don’t belong there. You don’t belong in UMNO. You don’t belong in this category.

Quit UMNO. Leave them as you left them before. This time, you leave with greater reason; you leave because of your country, Malaysia, and its people, Malaysians, whose rights, as you rightly pointed out, are being trampled upon without regard.

Quit UMNO. The latest coup in Perak has just shown how different you are to your party. The latest coup just shows how low UMNO has sunk to. The Alliance ship has sunk, its virtues, no more, its values, no more, its honesty, no more, its integrity, no more.

The party you are in now is not the party you joined so many years ago.

Quit UMNO, and maybe one day, Malaysians can truly echo the call of the great Tunku Abdul Rahman: ‘Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!’

Quit UMNO. Only through this avenue can you continue your pursuit of a better Malaysia, free from corruption, nepotism, greed, and bribery, something the word UMNO has become synonymous with.

Quit UMNO. Quit its oppressive policies, and help bring down a regime that does not represent its people, that denies them their rights.

Do you want to be remembered as the one that did nothing when greed and corruption destroyed your nation?

Or do you want to be remembered as the hero that played true to his conscience, that spoke up against the oppression, the greed, the corruption?

Only you can decide, Ku Li. Quit UMNO and be remembered as the one that saved Malaysia.