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Live blogging from Kuala Trengganu election nomination centre! - malaysiakini

11.50: Official announcement: It will be a 3 way fight between BN's Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh, Abdul Wahid Endut of Pas and independent Azharuddin Mamat.

11.47: Crowds are preparing for the official announcement of candidates.

11:38: Pictures from the nomination centre can be found here: PICTURES FROM KT NOMINATION CENTRE

11:34: AKIM candidate backs PAS.

11:28: Police state that nobody has been arrested yet. Half an hour till the official announcement of candidates.

11:20: I wasn't at Permatang Pauh, but I think there are more people here than there was at the Permatang Pauh by election!

11:16: I can see the PR supporters spilling into the road all the way to the roadabout 2KM away. Police put figures at 25K each side.

11:09: Objection period ends, this hour is reserved for the election officials to review the objections. Official announcement next hour (at 12noon).

11.03: The Star says that there are 30,000 BN supporters and 15,000 PAS supporters. Other news media say that 20,000 PAS supporters and 4,000 BN supporters. I tend to believe the latter.

10:56: I spot DAP Youth Chief and MP Anthony Loke.

10:54: Change of 'chantings', PAS supporters are chanting BN Hancur and BN Tumbang...

10:52: BN supporters are singing a song I have never heard before. I ask around and they say its the Pahlawan song...

10:49: 10 minutes till the objection period closes and we will know whether it is a 3 way fight or a 2 way fight. I think it would be a 2 way fight between BN and PAS.

10:46: PAS supporters chanting LAWAN TETAP LAWAN!

10:38: PAS supporters are complaining that BN supporters are allowed in front of the stadium while PAS supporters are held back by a metal gate.

10:36: Many are saying now it will be a straight fight between PAS and BN. AKIM seems to have withdrawn and the independent has been disqualified.

10:35: Now from the Malaysian Insider:

While the BN side continues to sing old patriotic songs, the PR side are hoisting up giant Pas moon flags while chanting spiritedly: “Reformasi! Hidup Hidup Hidup Keadilan! Allahu Akbar! Undur BN!”

In a sign of solidarity, DAP leaders Ronnie Liu and Tan Kok Wai set aside their differences with the Islamist party over the controversial Hudud issue, by marching together with Abdul Wahid to the nomination centre together with PKR vice president Azmin Ali and information chief Tian Chua.

A third candidate has entered the fray – independent Azharuddin Mamat, 46, from KT.

However, it looks likely to be a straight fight between BN and Pas because the proposers and seconders for the other candidate have registered addresses that are not within the constituency.

A fourth aspiring candidate, Harun Abdul Rahman Mohamad , the Terengganu Akim chief, had arrived at the centre but left without filing his papers. Apparently, he had a change of heart about contesting.

10:34: From the Malaysiakini report:

Wan Ahmad entered the nomination centre at 9.03pm. He was followed by Mohd Wahid and then Akim's Harun entered the centre at 9.20am. A fourth candidate - believed to be an independent - entered the nomination centre at about 9.27am.

10:32: Malaysiakini report posted online here

10:31: However, I'm receiving conflicting reports from friends. Some say the BN entourage is much bigger because BN ferried in outstation supporters into this event. PAS obviously does not have the resources to do so. Lets just hope BN doesn't 'ferry' voters not registered in KT to vote come election day.

10:29: The crowd numbers of PAS and BN supporters appear equal. Half an hour till the objection period ends.

10:27: People are telling me besides the PAS and BN candidate, the AKIM candidate and another independent have entered. If this is correct, this would be a 4 way battle.

10:25: Conflicting reports on how many forms were purchased. Some say 11 and some say 9. Either way abnormally large amount of nomination forms purchased. I am going to go to both camps (BN and PAS) to gauge their reactions.

10:22: The allowed time to submit the forms have passed. Now its time for the objection phase. I will try to get the number of candidates that submitted their forms.

10:14: Roadblocks here roadblocks there roadblocks everywhere. There were reported sightings of roadblocks as early as 4am this morning!

9:48: Spirits are high at both PAS and BN camps. Singing and chantings.

9:44: Police allow BN and PAS candidates, plus Tian Chua, Liew Chin Tong, Hadi Awang, Khalid Samad and Tan Sri Khalid into the centre.

9:33am: Welcome. Malaysiankini report will be posted shortly.