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Every vote for PAS is a vote against ISA and racism!- malaysiakini

As I have indicated before, I am extremely afraid of Najib becoming the next PM (Read Malaysiakini for more info).

Afraid of Mahathir? Najib's gonna be much much worse. Feared his iron fist? Prepare to have Najib's diamond fist smashing down onto you. There are going to be an infinite numbers of Ops Lalang.

But this by election in KT has presented a golden opportunity to reduce the political lifespan of Barisan Nasional, and directly, UMNO and its next leader, Najib.

You see, a large margin of defeat in KT would send shockwaves across Malaysia. A third 'skychange' if you listen to Kit Siang. (I can just imagine his TSUNAMI SKYCHANGE chant in Parliament - there you go, another reason to vote PAS)

It would destabilise UMNO. It will show that in the Malay heartland of Kedah, Trengganu and Kelantan, UMNO has lost ALL support. It canno even hold its last 'fort' of Trengganu. UMNO can no longer claim to be the ultimate representative of Malay rights, as it has been throughoughly rejected by Malays. UMNO would be destabilised and Najib would get a very, very, VERY BIG headache.

Destabilising UMNO would force Najib to call for snap polls to hopefully gain a new mandate from the people.

And then we can get to work once more and kick BN out once and for all. And this time, we the people are going into the polls KNOWING that we have the ability to bring down this monster called BN. The opposition is no longer a fragmeted force. It is no longer David. It is a machine itself.

This would mean no more ISA, no more racism or its synonym, race based politics!

But first, Kuala Trengganu. PAS, no, PAKATAN RAKYAT has to win BIG.

And by BIG I don't mean 1,000 votes. Not even RPK's 5,000 votes. At least 10,000 votes. Wouldn't that be spectacular?

So ladies and gentlemen, heres what you should do.

Donate to the Kuala Trengganu WAR EFFORT!

Tabung Dana Pilihanraya
CIMB Islamic
Bank account number: 1449-0000017-10-4

Donate, whether it be RM1 or RM10000. Every ringgit helps to bring down BN. (Geez, I sound like a salesman)

And together, we can bring down UMNO and BN, together with its race based politics and oppresive policies!

Every vote for PAS is a vote against ISA, racism, and all that UMNO and BN stands for!