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Catholics plan to sue government - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

A Catholic newspaper today threatened legal action against the government after being told to stop publishing its Malay language edition in a row over its use of the word "Allah."


herald the catholic weekly online 241207The Herald, circulated among the country's 850,000 Catholics, nearly lost its publishing licence last year for using the word "Allah" as a translation for "God," with authorities saying "Allah" should be used only by Muslims.

Now the newspaper has been told it must stop publishing its Malay edition while the issue is resolved in the courts, as part of conditions for it to be allowed to continue printing its editions in English, Chinese and Tamil.

Archbishop 'totally perplexed'

endon funeral 201005 murphy pakiamMurphy Pakiam (right), the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur and publisher of the weekly newspaper, said in a letter to the Home Ministry that it had seven days to revoke its decision or face legal action.

He said he was "totally perplexed" over the suspension which "reeks of ill will and bad faith" and was effectively a punishment for the legal battle that is due to be settled next month.

"We are therefore advised and verily believe that this condition constitutes a serious violation of our constitutional freedom of expression and speech," he said in the letter, a copy of which has been obtained by AFP.

The Herald's editor, Father Lawrence Andrew, has said that more than half Malaysia's Catholics are from indigenous groups, most of whom live on the Borneo island states and who mainly speak Malay -


Anonymous said...

On one hand you have language fanatics like GAPENA, GPMS, and DBP crying for blood over the usage of English to teach Science and Math and also the usage of other languages in signages by the Penang Government, on the other hand you have the BN/Umno regime telling The Herald that it cannot publish in Malay. Is the government so worried that Malays will read the Malay version of the Herald and convert en masse to Christianity which would mean that they will automatically become non Malays thus depriving Umno of its much needed Malay Votes???...More

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When any language is strictly used as a political tool
We may end up in the eyes of the whole world as fools
When we fail to be really rational and don't keep our cool
We'll end up with more mess and may need to jump inside a pool

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 020109
Fri. 2nd Jan. 2009.