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Kapar MP to join MIC? - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

Two unrelated political developments on the ground are primed to pile the pressure on long-time MIC chief S Samy Vellu to relinquish his iron grip on the party which claims to represent the Indian community.


Seemingly unrelated, the recent announcement by Kapar parliamentarian S Manikavasagam to quit the opposition PKR as well as the plan by a MIC grassroots leader to form a political movement look set to profoundly affect the Indian-based party.

First, the Manikavasagam situation.

While it has been reported that Manikavasagam will be quitting PKR by next week following growing frustrations with the party leadership, he however told Malaysiakini that he would be stepping down from his two party posts on Dec 31, but would however remain as party member.

pkr keadilan gangster batu caves pc 131106 manikavasagamManikavasagam (left), who has been with Keadilan since its inception in 1999, is presently the Selangor PKR deputy chief as well as the party’s supreme council member.

Speaking from Singapore, Manikavasagam said that he would only decide in January whether to leave the party altogether.

“On Dec 31, I will give up my party posts. After that, I will be heading to India. There I will meet Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy and seek his advice on what I should do.

“Once I am back, I will reveal my decision whether to remain in the party,” he said, expressing his bitter disappointment with PKR for failing to keep the party’s pledges to uplift the Indian community.

Manikavasagam said he was in discussions with Hindraf leaders, including Waythamoorthy, as they are “the real community leaders”.

MIC leader hold talks with Hindraf

However, sources from within and outside MIC told Malaysiakini that plans are afoot to bring Manikavasagam into the Indian-based party.

This move is however not sanctioned by party president Samy Vellu but undertaken by another top leader.

The plan, which is backed by a top business tycoon, is to offer a viable party leadership that can regain the trust and support of the Indian community

“One top party leader who is aiming for the president’s seat has been in contact with Manikavasagam as well as with P Uthayakumar,” said a source.

uthayakumar latest photo in hospital 061108Uthayakumar (right) is the face behind Hindraf. He has been detained without trial under the Internal Security Act with four others since Dec 13 for provoking the Indian community to rise against the government over their plights.

His younger brother, Waythamoorthy, left the country and now living in self-imposed exile in United Kingdom following the crackdown on Hindraf leaders.

Najib aware of secret plan

najib in parliament 041108According to sources, incoming prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is aware of this plan.

“If this goes according to plan, Samy Vellu will be removed as party president, Hindraf 5 will be released, Waythamoorthy will return to Malaysia and Manikavasagam absorbed into MIC along with Uthayakumar,” added the sources.

MIC leaders however rejected such a scenario.

“Manikavasagam has not been offered a place in MIC,” said party information chief M Saravanan.

And Manikavasagam too has rejected outright of any plan to join MIC.

But the sources were adamant that the plan is quickly falling into place.

“Why would Manikavasagam say that he wants to meet Hindraf leaders to discuss his future? They are in this together,” said one source.

MIC is to hold its presidential election sometime next year but sources said changes within the party would be executed around the time when Najib assumes the nation’s leadership in March.

An alternative MIC in the making

While this plan involving Manikavasagam is taking shape, another MIC grassroots leader is taking it on his own to oust Samy Vellu.

Businessman KP Samy, a long-time ally of former deputy president S Subramaniam, is expected to form a movement that would incorporate all sacked or suspended MIC leaders.

He is also expected to meet Najib in the first week of January to express support for Barisan Nasional, promising to help in the upcoming Kuala Terengganu by-election campaign.

“The whole point of this movement is to show to Najib that Samy Vellu had marginalised many hardworking MIC members and leaders who have been very effective on the ground,” said an insider.

“This movement can be stronger than MIC in working for the community. Once Samy Vellu has been removed, these members will then rejoin the party to make it stronger again,” he added.

Samy too has been frustrated by Samy Vellu’s stubbornness in not allowing suspended grassroots leaders to rejoin the party.

“I have been told to be patient by my own branch but so far I have not heard anything from him (Samy Vellu),” Samy told Malaysiakini.

However, he refused to comment on his plan to form a movement involving anti-Samy Vellu members.

“Please wait for my press conference next week,” he said.

Not that easy to remove Samy Vellu

It is not clear if both these developments could actually remove Samy Vellu as party boss, a post he has been holding for almost three decades.

samy vellu exclusive on tamil schools 080708 03Samy Vellu himself had conceded that MIC has lost the support from the Indian community and has attempted to put in place some measures to reverse the trend.

Part of his plan is to hand over the presidency to his deputy by the end of next year.

The problem is it is still unclear who would be his chosen successor.

While there appears to be a fallout between Samy Vellu and his present deputy, G Palanivel, a handful of other party leaders are vying to get the president’s attention to be anointed the next party leader.

And with Samy Vellu’s strong grip on the party, it looks very likely that it would be him who would determine the timing of his own departure and the naming of his successor -


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

leave and seek reelection and see whether the people will vote for you
when you are out of Pakatan Rakyat.

do it now and fast.