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PAS opens its doors to non-Muslim members - malaysiakini

Malaysian Insider reports:

NOV 14 — Pas will form a new Dewan (wing) for non-Muslims as a result of the strong support the party received from them in the March general election.

This was one of several issues discussed at the party's retreat in Langkawi last weekend and would see the Pas Supporters' Club move towards full acceptance.

When contacted, party secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar said this was initially raised several years ago when the club was first formed.

"It was approved by the Majlis Syura Ulama (religious scholars consultative council) which felt that Pas could accept non-Muslims, and left it to the central committee to oversee it. But there has not been any progress for a while," he said.

"As of now, there is no proper acknowledgement for club members and this causes some uncertainty," he added.

The supporters club, formed in 2004, came to attention after Kumutha Rahman, an Indian Hindu, contested the Tiran state seat in the March general election. She ran under a PKR ticket as the Pas constitution prohibits non-Muslims from contesting under it.

This, and the mobilisation of the club during the election, gave credence to its "Pas for All" slogan.

Club president Hu Pang Chaw had also said in his speech at the 54th Pas muktamar (general assembly) in August that a new wing, called the Dewan Penyokong Pas, would give its 10,000 members a chance to serve the party better.

It is understood that while the proposal is now being fine-tuned, for now the non-Muslim wing would not yet be able to vote for leaders in the main body but would be able to contest in general elections, which would force a change in the constitution that can only happen at the next muktamar or an emergency general meeting.

The party's head of research, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, confirmed that the Dewan would not yet be considered full members but that the role and function "would not be far off from other Dewans."

He said that while the rights and privileges accorded to the non-Muslim wing would not be equal to that of the other wings, it was still "one up for Pas."

"It is a positive experiment and shows the party's courage,” he said.

The retreat also pressed on the need for Pakatan Rakyat to form a consultative forum for the five heads of the PR-led states.

Kamaruddin said this is to strengthen coordination between the states and had first been mooted by the party after the PR won the states in the March general election.

Dzulkefly said there has not been a forum yet for the Menteris Besar and Chief Minister to come together to discuss policies.

Citing the example of Bumiputera equity and multilingual road signage, he said that "there are no problems but there must be a mutual agreement and understanding."

He also revealed that this idea has also been brought to the recent PR leadership council meeting and Pas would continue to push it forward in defining the full details of the Menteri Besar council.

Dzulkefly also said that the retreat discussed some steps to prepare the party for "any eventuality" such as a snap election which it believes is a possibility after Umno's March party polls.

Malaysiakini's report when its up.


artic turban said...

SO another 2nd (class mentality), why not open to joe public and make it fair, why all these shenanigans of having a supporters club, on one hand you are saying yes we want your support, but on the other hand BUT YOU CANNOT JOIN THE MAIN PARTY, why? KAFIR'UN? so Pas wants to treat people of non-muslim denomination, as 2nd class citizens, AREN'T WE ALL MALAYSIANS?
TO those desperate souls who are dying to join Pas, why? Go join DAP, KEADILAN, PSM. Why Pas, are you gluttons for punishment?