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New Chief Justice Zaki admits that he bribed the courts - malaysiakini

First the IGP (Malaysiakini's report) now the CJ.

Charles Hector reports:

Chief Justice confessed that he bribed court officials when he was a lawyer - this is clear from the New Straits Times report..

"What I am telling you is not fiction but based on my own experience in private practice," he said at an integrity convention here.

Recalling an incident in 1987, Zaki said he was "blacklisted" when he complained to the chief registrar of two missing files belonging to his clients.

"It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being attended to.

"That was my personal experience, and I am telling this to all the clerks and all the registries to stop this nonsense and I know this is happening, even as late as last week... a lawyer came to see me."

He added that the clerk asked the lawyer to come the next day to collect the file after saying "tapi jangan lupa, ya", signalling him to come with cash. - New Straits Times, 8/11/2008 -Stop it now, corrupt court staff warned

He admitted to bribing - and I believe that it is (and was) an offence in this country and there is no limitation when it comes to crime.

He may be the head of the Malaysian Judiciary - but still he is not above the law.

I hope that the ACA and/or the police take immediate action based on his own reported admission.

Investigation hopefully will also result in action taken against all them court officials that received Zaki Azmi's bribes...

The Bar Council should also commence disciplinary action against him (or his firm) if possible - and maybe also investigate that lawyer that Zaki Azmi talked to last week according to the report.

Zaki Azmi is not immune just because he is the Head of the Malaysian judiciary ...or is he?