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Namewee strikes again - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

Wee Meng Chee, who kicked up a storm over a six-minute homemade rap video parodying the national anthem last year, is embroiled in another controversy with his latest music video.


The 25-year-old youth, better known by his Internet moniker 'Namewee', is in trouble with his former school Chong Hwa High School in Muar.

namewee teacher hew video english lesson 251108The school has issued a legal letter to him for offending it in his latest video clip titled ‘Teacher Hew's Time'. The letter was handed to Wee in his house in Muar yesterday afternoon.

His three-part music video was uploaded in popular Internet video site Youtube as well as on Wee's blog a few weeks ago.

The video featured a school teacher teaching English in a class, using vulgar words. The clip also included several semi-naked scenes.

The first part of the video was four minutes and 54 seconds long, the second was four minutes and 47 seconds and the third clip was three minutes and 3 seconds long.

Wee had shown the name of the school in the third clipping.

The school is now asking Wee to remove the clippings from Internet, and issue a clarification that the school was not involved in the video at any form.

The school criticised Wee for using the school name and compound in his video without permission. This, the school said, had tarnished its image and reputation.

Wee defends his video

Wee however defended his video in his blog.

He said that it was not surprising that the school was not happy with his video.

namewee"I think the school wanting to take action against me is a good thing because this will allow more people to get a chance to see the video and understand the issues," he said in his blog, written in Mandarin.

Wee added that the intention of the video was to highlight the unhealthy state of the education system in the country.

He said the varied education systems at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels created difficulties for the students.

He cited an example of his sister who studied in a Chinese primary school where Mathematics was taught in Mandarin.

However, he added that when she entered a secondary school, all the subjects including Mathematics were taught in Malay language.

And when she enrolled in college, it was English medium again, he said.

"I believe many people faced the same problem. This is because there is no clear direction of our education system," he said.

He also said the present education system does not give local Chinese school-leavers the freedom to pursue their education wherever they want.

He added that these students have the limited choice of studying in Taiwan and China, or to study in local colleges, or to stop studying totally.

Former headmaster responds

However Wee's views were not shared by his former headmaster Tan Soo Tee.

Tan said that while schools emphasised the trilingual teaching, it was incumbent on the students themselves to brush up their language proficiency.

"Wee said his English was poor. That is his problem. He shouldn't blame anyone," Tan was quoted as saying in the Chinese newspapers today.

He said that many excellent school-leavers didn't face any problems when they furthered their studies in European countries.

Tan also advised his former student to make better use of his talents in music and not to add vulgarity in them.

Wee's previous video clip which parodied the national anthem got him into trouble with the government with many politicians sought for him to be charged with sedition.

The six-minute song, called 'Negarakuku', caused a furore with its lyrics which touched on police abuse of power, corruption, racial discrimination and other matters.

Although Wee, who was then studying in Taiwan, apologised over the video clip, he was still called in by the police for questioning last September -