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Christmas for Patayas

Christmas is upon us, with less than a month to go. This means good food, presents, decorations, and many other luxuries for us. But in Payatas (Philippines), this is another day that they have to go into the landfills to scrounge and search for basic necessities. We often hear about the plight of the poor in Malaysia, with HINDRAF and other organisations highlighting them, but our fellow humans in Payatas are often neglected and ignored.

Entire families have to climb landfills everyday to survive, often only barely. Children as young as 4 are forced to work and live in these deplorable and inhumane conditions. Imagine you, let alone a 4 year old working around decaying rubbish! In 2000, a trashslide occured, killing 200, including many children. Men, women and children were burried alive in a hail of trash! Just look at this youtube video to understand the subhuman conditions!

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, or even in the spirit of kindness to our fellow man, please support the Christmas For Payatas initiative. The current tally stands at USD 72,000 (accurate when this post was created). There are many famous politicians and celebrities, including players from the EPL teams of Manchester United and Arsenel, supporting this initiative.

Please go visit this site and spread the news to increase global awareness on this issue! Donate to this worthy cause, and give these men women and children a reason to celebrate this Christmas.