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From Audie's blog:

Its CONFIRMED. A phone call made to Beginda Minda by our correspondents in audie61this morning at 9.05am confirms that he is going to attend tonights “Friends of PKR” dinner in Sibu. The function will be attended by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and 300 tables are already taken up.

Beginda said he has been given the PLATFORM to Speak on the stage and during his speech he will announce that he will JOIN PKR. He added ,”Just write it in this interview” Also he was asked last night by Malaysiakini correspondent on the number of members he will be bringing in. Membership is one thing,but winning the voters trusts will win you the election. What is important is that PKR is acceptable as the future party for his people.

He said amongst the leaders who will be speaking at tonights function will be Dominique Ng,Nicholas Bawin, Gabriel Adit,Jeffery Kitingan and also DSAI. For the past couple of weeks Beginda Minda, the ex-publicity chief of PRS president Dr James Masing-led Balleh division who made his call on Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu to resign has been the talk of the town and aroused the dayak sentiments.

This function will also see Gabriel Adit joining PKR and he represents the FIRST DAYAK YB IN THE PKR FOLD. James Masing has been reported in Malaysiakini that he “warned a state BN component party to lay its hands off the predominantly Iban Batang Ai state seat, which he says belongs to his party” The dayaks sees that this is an oppurtunity as the can of worms has been open and Adit and Beginda will be welcomed by the PKR leadership as new “ALLIES” for the coming State Elections. It has been further speculated that they will be more prominent political figures joining PKR very soon. This we will leave it to another day.

PKR Sarawak with this 300 table dinner and the presence of so many top leaders in the Pakatan fold with Anwar has indeed got the notice of the State BN. Many will want to know what transpired,what is the crowd,what are the contents of the speeches etc. etc. All will be reported and revealed by the Press/media in tomorrows main stream dailies. Beginda ended by saying to me,” See you there.”

Malaysiakini's report will be posted when it is out. Catch back for more news on this tonight.