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BN MP reportedly threatened woman's life! - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

A woman has lodged a police report in Sibu, Sarawak against a Barisan Nasional member of parliament for allegedly threatening her life.

According to Sin Chew Daily today, a police report had been lodged by the woman, a lawyer, against the MP. However, the newspaper did not name the two parties involved. The police have nevertheless confirmed receiving the report.

Rumours have been flying in town since the publication of the report, and this prompted Sarawak DAP chairperson and Bukit Assek state assemblyperson Wong Ho Leng to urge the MP concerned to own up so that the other MPs are not unfairly implicated.

“I can assure all that the MP who was reported to have threatened the woman is not Chong Chieng Jen - the (DAP) MP for Bandar Kuching,” Wong said.

He added that since the report was lodged in Sibu, the MP concerned could be from the central region of Sarawak.

“If the report on the MP threatening a woman is true, it is a disgrace because the post of MP involves holding public office,” said the DAP state chief.

“He is democratically elected and should uphold the dignity of his political and public office,” Wong said.

Threatening message sent to woman

Wong urged the police to carry out the investigation expeditiously.

“Everybody is entitled to protection of the law. No violation of the law and abuse of power should be permitted.”

Contacted later, Wong told Malaysiakini that he knew the woman lawyer, adding that she used to work for the MP as an assistant based in Kuala Lumpur after a stint in private practice in Sibu with a local legal firm.

The MP allegedly sent his people to deliver a message threatening her for some undisclosed reasons and the woman subsequently lodged the police report a few days ago -