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Anwar opposes PAS' ban on alcohol - malaysiakini

Malaysiakini's report:

There is no restriction as yet on selling alcohol in 7-11 outlets, mini markets and coffee shops in Selangor, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said today.


The decision to impose the ban is entirely within the jurisdiction of the state government and its executive councillors, he told reporters in Parliament.

anwar ibrahimThe Permatang Pauh MP said this matter is not something to be discussed at the municipal level.

Such matters must be referred to the state government and it will be discussed at that stage before any decision is made, he said.

"The basic principle is we do not want outlets to look like they are encouraging alcohol consumption especially among the young generation and Muslims but there is no proposal from the state governments to ban it altogether in open premises which non-Muslims (frequent)," he said.

Anwar added that he has no problems with the current policies as the fundamentals are clear.

To be discussed at exco meeting today

However he added that, in a democratic state, there must be room for proposals and discussions.

"People give their opinions and feedback and we must listen to this but in the aspect of policy there are no problems yet," he said.

"(This is) nothing to be particularly worried about because the policy stand is that we do not encourage Muslims to drink or eat pork, but we are not here to deny the rights of non-Muslims to eat pork or to consume alcohol," he said.

Chinese-language newspapers today front-paged reports that Selangor PAS had expressed concern about the present situation where certain alcoholic drinks are easily available.

It is learnt that local councils will be tasked - pending council approvals - to impose a ban on alcohol sale in their respective areas.

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim told reporters that the matter would be discussed at the executive council meeting later today -