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Suspend Gani Patel (ref. malaysiakini)

By far the biggest headlines made today comes as a result of Judge Komathy, the judge in Anwar's second sodomy trial, lifting the media gag on the Attorney General Gani Patel's role in the infamous Anwar black eye scandal that rocked the domestic and international media markets. The media gag was lifted yesterday, and Malaysiakini broke the news today:

In part of Mat Zain's 30 million defamation law suit against Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, several astonishing claims have been made in the process:

* Mat Zain, a retired police officer who probed the black eye incident in 1998 said that he “believed Gani Patel, the prosecutor in the first Anwar sodomy trial concealed important facts from Mohtar, then the AG. This reeks of a cover up.

* Mat Zain also said there was an attempt to "insert irrelevant and suspicious statements" into the medical report by a Dr Abdul Rahman. Mat Zain further stated that he is confident that Dr Abdul Rahman has never examined Anwar. I repeat, the Dr the provided the medical report never. examined. Anwar.

* Mat Zain also claimed that Gani was on the 30th floor in Bukit Aman when Anwar was assaulted and he that knew about the assault.

* Mat Zain also claimed that Gani withheld the results of Zain's investigation from Mokhtar. Gani received the reports from Mat Zain on the 26th and 30th of October. Mokhtar later stated on the 7th of November that he had not received any report.

As I have said, this reeks of a cover up. If PM Abdullah Badawi is serious about reforming the nation before he leaves, he should immediately suspend Gani Patel from his AG post pending further investigations. This is the only move that can guarantee that there will be no tampering and manipulation of due process.


chong said...

if a murder suspect can be DPM and is about to be PM, AG fabricating evidents is only in tune with their style.

flat hope to think the sleeping PM will take any action on it. he is still in sleep.