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Drama in the courthouse - HINDRAF detainee rushed to hospital amidst commotion - malaysiakini

Read the following Malaysiakini report:

K Shanti, wife of Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy, voluntarily spent the night at the Putrajaya district police headquarters in protest of the detention of her 10 friends and relatives.


hindraf kajang magistrate 241008 shanti"I told them that I was not leaving without my relatives and friends, as a protest. I only left at about 7.30am today to go to court," said Shanti, who looked exhausted from lack of sleep.

She was among 11 individuals arrested yesterday evening when they accompanied her daughter, Vwashnnavvi, 6, to the Prime Minister’s Office to deliver a handwritten letter.

In it, Vwasshnnavvi invited the prime minister to her family’s ‘open house’ during Deepavali celebrations and appealed for the release of all Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees.

Police obtained a three-day remand order against the remaining 10 detainees, from Kajang magistrate Nurdiana Mohd Nazari this afternoon.

Met outside the court, Shanti said the police finished recording her statement at about 9.30pm yesterday and she was allowed to leave at about midnight.

Shanti also confirmed that she was informed earlier today that police were investigating her for alleged child abuse and would be taking statements from her at a later date.

"I don’t know. It seems so ridiculous," said Shanti, when asked for her reaction.

No statements recorded yesterday

Meanwhile lead counsel for the 10, Amer Hamzah Arshad, criticisised the police for denying the detainees their right to legal counsel up until remand proceedings.

He also criticised the police for seeking a long remand period of 14 days despite failing to record any statements from the detainees yesterday.

"If they deny the right to counsel, then they should have done their work and investigation during the first 24 hours. Instead, they now have the gall to come to court to seek a remand order," he said.

According to Amer Hamzah, the police had told the magistrate that they were trying to establish the purpose of the assembly and who was behind it.

He said the police did not argue on grounds that the suspects would abscond or tamper with evidence.

The police have the authority to seek an extension to the remand order when it expires on Sunday (Deepavali eve).

"Under the law, the police can seek a maximum three-day extension. We hope that common sense prevails and all will be released immediately," Amer Hamzah added.

Detainee collapses in court

The 10 are being investigated under Section 48 of the Societies Act for allegedly participating in an unlawful organisation.

Hindraf, an unregistered organisation seeking empowerment for marginalised Indians, has been banned since Oct 15 by the Home Ministry.

A minor commotion occurred during the remand proceedings when one detainee, Lourdes Mary, collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital.

hindraf kajang magistrate 241008 lourdes mary faintedFriends and supporters of the detainees demanded that the court police should call for an ambulance, but when it failed to arrive, they carried Lourdes Mary into a car and sent her to the Putrajaya Hospital. (See pix)

Court police initially tried to stop them from taking her away before the ambulance arrived, but a police officer eventually got into the private vehicle and accompanied her to the hospital.

An ambulance arrived 10 minutes later.

Police Watch and Human Rights Committee coordinator S Jayathas who is among the 10, was also warded at the Putrajaya Hospital for health complaints.

The magistrate is expected to read the remand order to both warded detainees later today -

Who else thinks the child abuse allegations are bullshit?