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Write your messages to Teresa Kok

From Teresa Kok's blog:

We’ve decided we’ll bring some cheer to Teresa and everybody can be part of this initiative.

Being locked up in a small room with no windows and only artificial lights is very intimidating, especially when one starts to lose track of time and the body and mind struggle to adjust to the new hostile environment.

We encourage you to write to her with messages of support. Send the email to and we will print them out and try to get her lawyer(s) to pass them on to her when they meet.

1) If you want to remain anonymous and not have your personal details printed, put “anonymous’ in the subject field.

2) If you prefer the email not be printed but left on server for her to read when she gets out, please put “private” in subject field.

Wouldn’t it be great coming home and finding one has MORE mails than spams? :-)

Write and support Teresa! Give her something to think about other than the daily tortures and interrogations!


Zubli Zainordin said...

Good thought.

You are special.