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UMNO's 911 call

Report from Malaysiakini

A special Umno supreme council meeting will take place tomorrow morning amidst speculations that the party elections could be postponed to next year and the president might step down earlier than planned.


muhammad muhd taibAccording to Umno information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib, all members of the supreme council were informed of the meeting today.

When contacted, he said: "Yes, there will be a meeting tomorrow. I just received a call earlier today that a special supreme council meeting will be held tomorrow."

Umno sources told Malaysiakini that the meeting will possibly see further deliberation on party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s power transition plan to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak.

Asked to confirm this, Muhammad said he was not informed about the agenda of the meeting.

"I am in the dark just as you. All I know is I received the phone call and was told to attend the meeting tomorrow morning," he added.

Meanwhile, Najib has also confirmed that a special supreme council meeting will be held tomorrow.

The party supreme council, which usually meet monthly, last met a week ago when a number of top leaders told Abdullah to quit earlier than he had originally planned.

The party leader was warned that he may not be able to get the 58 nominations needed to defend his post when Umno's 191 divisions begin their meetings on Oct 9.

911! 911!