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Teresa’s mum relates horror detention

The following is a transcript of what Teresa’s mum said outside the police station after visiting her for 90 minutes.

“I hope she can regain her freedom and come out as soon as possible and continue to live an ordinary life, instead of being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up once she walked into that room, which is only 6′ x 8′. She is not allowed to read newspaper or any other reading material. She lost all her freedom!

“I feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning, and her blood pressure plunged!

“Her dad did not notice it, but she was so pale when we met her. It pains me seeing her like that. I never expected that my daughter, who spend 2/3 of her time a day servicing the people, fighting for the people’s interest and right, can end up like this.

“This Bahasa Malaysia newspaper purposely defamed her, twisted the facts just to get her into trouble, to victimize her.

“I can only encourage her. I told her we are people who believe in God. Bible told us those who are victimize because they fight for justice are the blessed people. Such people are children of God. I encourage her with these words. I told her not to give up but keep on praying.”

Sourced from Teresa Kok's blog

It breaks my heart, and it should break everybody's , that a woman, no, a saint that is so selfless is subjected to such an evil and draconian law; forced to endure such barbaric and inhumane treatment.

Oh, and if you are reading this freshly posted, why aren't you at the Kelana Jaya Stadium protesting this evil ISA?

PS: I have a reason - I am overseas :P


bexe said...

A small message to Teresa's Mum

Aunty your daughter is on a mission - a mission far greater than what we normal people do not have the wherewithall to carry out. But Teresa has it. Her mission is not only to sacrifice her time to work for the betterment of other people's lives. Sometimes to do that she has to battle evil and it could mean making bigger sacrifice and putting herself in danger.
Pray for safety but more importantly, pray for her mission to be accomplished.