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Raymond Tan is greedy

Look at this report from

Tan met with Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman this morning to discuss his position in the state cabinet since he is no longer in BN. He is required to resign his posts, but was reportedly reluctant to do so.

After the meeting, Musa announced that Tan would remain as his deputy for now.

This Raymond Tan ar... Quit the party (SAPP) but didn't quit the party. Resign from his Deputy CM post but didn't resign. Want to become an independent but didn't. Resign from the cabinet but didn't.

So what does he want?

I'll tell you what he wants. He wants everything. He wants to be part of SAPP, the cabinet, and the Deputy CM post. He wants everything. Semua pun nak. Semua pun sapu.

If this is not greed, I don't know what is. What kind of lame excuse is 'SAPP didn't send in a letter to the BN leadership so I don't need to send in my resignation' is?

First he said he would send in his resignation letter to the CM. Then he decided he wanted to keep his post. So he goes back on his word, and keeps his post. He then has the cheek to say 'I'll leave this up to the CM'.

It is these politicians that give politicians a bad name. Greedy. Power hungry. Opportunistic.

I think its a blessing in disguise he is not in the opposition.


Jon said...

I tengok muka dia pun benci. Memang betul dia tamak! Kenapa dia tak ditahan BPR berkenaan kes dia meyalahkan kuasa suruh Pak Lah jangan tahan Yong?