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PM: No, no parliamentary session for you, Anwar

The Malaysiakini report:

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today rejected a call by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for an emergency Parliament session to debate a no-confidence motion.


"I don't see the need as Parliament will sit after Ramadan," the prime minister told reporters after chairing an Umno supreme council meeting in Kuala Lumpur today.

abdullah ahmad badawi pak lah pc 050908 04Supreme Council memders who were present, including Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak and party secretary-general Tengku Adnan Mansor were heard saying "what for" in the background before the PM responded.

Parliament is set to resume sitting on Oct 13.

Earlier today, Anwar said he had sent a letter to Abdullah asking him to convene an emergency session of Parliament to debate a motion of no confidence against his leadership.

"I have made a formal request to call for an emergency session in Parliament to deliberate a motion of censure against the leadership of Abdullah not later than Sept 23," he had said.

But Abdullah said today what he had seen so far was only a press statement, adding that such a proposal should be brought up according to a proper procedures such as in the form of a letter

No further ISA arrests

The premier also said he had no plans to use the Internal Security Act against Anwar.

"I have no plans regarding the use of the ISA on anybody. I did not say anything to anybody. If a person feels he will be arrested under the ISA, maybe he is guilty, I don't know."

Abdullah has been under tremendous pressure recently from Anwar who had said that he had sufficient number of defectors from Barisan Nasional to form a government.

Yesterday the prime minister swapped cabinet portfolio with his deputy in what is seen as a reaction to the current political climate. He was asked if any more cabinet reshuffling was likely, to which he replied:

"If there is, you will know it."

Umno matters

Asked about the party leadership succession plan, the party president responded "I did not explain again. I am aware.

"I keep my ears close to the ground and I'm paying attention to what is happening regarding the situation in the party. Whatever decision I make on this, I will discuss with Najib and I will bring it to the attention of the supreme council."

Abdullah also brushed aside calls made by Mubarak's - association of ex-BN MPs and state assemblypersons - for him to quit immediately.

"It does not matter, let Mubarak say whatever, they are pensioners already," he said.

On him defending his presidency in Dec, the premier replied:

" I have already talked about this yesterday. But the (divisions) meetings have not started yet so if there is anything else that I need to do, it's up to me and I will speak to Najib."

The three-hour supreme council meeting did not discuss the move by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad seeking to rejoin Umno, because the PM said "it was not brought up".

Mahathir left the party in May, saying that he would not return to the party which he had led for 22 years until Abdullah has stepped down as Umno president.

Also the council decided to take action against four party members - one from Beluran and the rest from Beaufort in Sabah - for campaigning for the opposition in March 8 polls. The president said appropriate action will be taken.

muhyiddin yassin malaysian service development council pc 090908 03On the possible Pensiangan by-election, Abdullah said the supreme council today discussed the preparation but no candidate has been identified yet since the BN will appeal against the court decision.

Muhyiddin to remain vocal

Meanwhile party vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin said he would continue to highlight issues raised by the grassroots.

In recent weeks, he has been a vocal critic of Abdullah and had asked him to hasten his departure from the top post.

“The supreme council had noted my concerns and I will continue to voice the concerns from the grassroots in the future,” he told reporters.

“Supreme council members who keep quiet during the meeting are considered to be agreeable to the general consensus of the council,” he added.

Several Umno leaders had called for Muhyiddin to be censured for speaking openly against Abdullah. However it is learnt that the council decided not to take any action against him.

Balls in your court now, Anwar. What 'extraordinary' measures are you going to take?

The Star reports:

KUALA LUMPUR:There is no need to call for an emergency session of Parliament because the next session is soon anyway, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

He told this to reporters Thursday after the Umno supreme council at PWTC.

Earlier on Thursday, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had told reporters at a press conference at the PKR headquarters that he had sent a letter to the Prime Minister requesting for an emergency session of Parliament to be held by Sept 23 to enable MPs to move a vote of no-confidence against Abdullah's leadership.

To a question on whether Anwar would be arrested under the ISA, the Prime Minister said there was no suggestion from him to use the ISA on anyone.

On party matters, Abdullah said he officially informed the Umno supreme council about the portfolio change with his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

On Wednesday, Abdullah and Najib swapped ministry portfolios as part of the power transition plan agreed between them. Abdullah took over as new Defence Minister while Najib assumed the Finance portfolio.

On another matter, Abdullah said four division members would be sacked from the party - three from Beaufort and one from Beluran. The four had stood as candidates for the Opposition during the general election.

Who else thinks that the PM is acting like he is scared sh*tless?