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PAS: We know defection list (Translated from Malaysiakini)

Translated from the Malay version of Malaysiakini:

The names and the number of MPs that would join the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is known by PAS. It was discussed in a Pakatan Rakyat meeting last Sunday, according to a PAS exco member, Awang Ahmad, that told Malaysiakini this. According to him, most of the defectors are from Sabah and Sarawak and are of the Mulim faith.

This has been backed up and confirmed by another exco member, Hashim Jasin, who is also the Perlis commisioner and recently won the Sanglang state seat in a Federal court decision.

However, according to Ahmad, the complete list is not known to PAS. "We only know important names."

That is why PAS was confident on the September 16 plan being concrete. According to Ahmad, there are also MPs from MIC and MCA. Ahmad also commented that this was why many MCA members were ISA bashing over the weekend. "This are signs that they want to quit the BN."

Ahmad elaborates: "Although the UMNO leadership called the September 16 takeover plan a political gimmick, in reality, they are panicking." - Translated by King-fisher.

Interesting developments. Political gimmic or genuine truth?