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Muhyiddin acuses Anwar of lying and using his name to woo MPs

Report from Malaysiakini:

Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin today blasted Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for his psychological war against Barisan Nasional in the bid to topple the government.


He also revealed that former Umno strongman Anwar was using his (Muhyiddin's) name to entice other BN parliamentarians to join the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

umno selangor najib muhyiddin event anti pak lah banners 160408 04"This is a ploy (by Anwar)... by (putting) my name on top the list (of BN defectors), hoping to garner support from other BN MPs," he asserted.

Met after breaking fast with the media at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur tonight, he described Anwar as a politician "greedy for power".

"This is a desperate attempt by Anwar," said Muhyiddin, who is also the international trade and industry minister.

Muhyiddin added that Anwar has steadfastly refused to name the defectors despite being asked repeatedly to reveal their names.

"(It proves that) he has made a false and baseless statement," said the Umno politician, who also refuted claims that he was on the list of defectors.

He argued that the opposition stalwart's claims were both "immoral and senseless".

"Anwar is power crazy. We have challenged him so many times to reveal the names on the list but he won't respond," argued Muhyiddin.

King shouldn't be dragged in'

Earlier today, Anwar claimed at a press conference that he has obtained more than 31 BN defectors to crossover to Pakatan but refused to reveal names.

He said he will reveal the names to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi if the latter agreed to meet him to talk about the ‘transition of power'.

Asked about Anwar's request to meet Abdullah, Muhyiddin exclaimed: "No! There is no need for him to meet the prime minister. Don't be fooled by Anwar. Don't fall into the trap, he has something up his sleeve."

Meanwhile, the Umno vice-president also stressed that the defection plan should not involve the king.

He was responding to PKR information chief Tian Chua's statement that PKR will meet with the king if a meeting with premier Abdullah on power transfer failed.

"They shouldn't involve the king. This is politics. He (the king) should not take sides," he said.

"Why is he so obsessed with taking over power that is legitimate. Why does he want to form a government through an undemocratic way," asked the minister, adding that he has faith in BN MPs who have pledged their loyalty to the ruling coalition.

"We should hold on to the pledge - (the defection) is fake, false and untrue," he said.

In recent days, Muhyiddin shocked Umno cadres and leadership by openly calling for Abdullah to hand over power to deputy Najib Abdul Razak before the 2010 transition deadline.

I wonder how Anwar would respond?

Stay tuned for an commentary article tomorrow entitled: The Hypocrisy of the current regime Part II


telur dua said...

Sure, only Anwar is power crazy, no, not you the most honourable En Muyhiddin. Everyone in UMNO is so virginal pure, so honourable, so upright.

After your recent flip flops (contagion from our great leader no doubt) you will forever be remembered as an unprincipled pengecut. You even stoop so low as to use TDM to do your dirty work by brokering his return to UMNO.

Like the rest of your Party colleagues, you are just a self-serving hanger-on. You are no champion of the people, so just stop the pretence.