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Live Updates from Anwar Ibrahim's Press Conference

3.06pm: The Malaysiakini report:

More than 31? Hopefully not bluffing! - Malaysiakini

2.55pm: In other news:

Malaysiakini report: Federal Court gives Sanglang seat to PAS

2.49pm: Anwar out.

2.48pm: We'll give the PM time to act, thats why we are taking a soft approach. In the event that the PM refuses to meet Anwar, he would have to discuss it with the PR leadership for a harder approach.

2.47pm: Anwar tries to leave but more questions are coming his way.

2.45pm: Last questions: Will there be problems in Putrajaya? To that Anwar answers: We have chosen a more reconcilatory and softer option because Putrajaya is currently in turmoil. We don't want to affect the stability of the nation.

2.43pm: Regarding the Pakatan cabinet, Anwar is quite vague.

2.42pm: Anwar: I have notes and signed letters.

2.41pm: Anwar says that BN is in a state of denial. When will they ever learn? (laughs)

2.39pm: In the name of political stability, Anwar appeals for Abdullah to meet him. Do not fear to negotiate.

2.38pm: Anwar will not give Abdullah an ultimatum, but he will give Abdullah a few days the most to respond.

2.36pm: Anwar says he is not giving excuses. He is and am prepared to move. He just wants to safeguard the safety and stability of the nation.

2.33pm: Anwar repeats that he has a number, in excess of 31. The number will come in time and is always changing.

2.32pm; If your meeting is rejected, what will you do? We will give him some room to work with, as we know he is under a lot of pressure.

2.30pm: What majority do you have? In slight excess. It is increasing by the hour (laughter) No, I'm not joking, only this morning I received a signed note. I repeat, we have in excess of the required number.

2.29pm: Questions are asked: who are they, where are they? But I will not reveal in public, as they will harassed. However, I will reveal it to the PM in the meeting. I will reveal the names, Anwar said.

2.29pm: Question time.

2.28pm: Enough of this demonising the people to placate the government says Anwar.

2.27pm: Appeals for government not to use the ISA on the Pakatan MPs and those who are going to cross over.

2.26pm: Appeals to BN to not emulate the Perak and Selangor former state governments to shred documents when federal government is taken over.

2.25pm: Security and stability of the country and its people guranteed. Anwar also says that he has 'in excess' of the required amount of MPs.

2.24pm: Language turns to English - Anwar says "victory is in hand"

2.24pm: PR will gain the Agong's permission first.

2.23pm: Name and shamed TV3 and Utusan.

2.22pm: Appeals to mainstream media to stop propaganda against him and his Pakatan friends.

2.22pm: 4. Traffic and police resources are not to be used to stop MPs from going to parliament

2.21pm: The letter has a few points: 1. BN must not misuse its power in the government to stop the MPs 2. BN must not use akta keselamatan to detain MPs from crossing over to PR 3. Emergency powers are not used.

2.20pm: Representing Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar, Anthony Loke from DAP and Dr Hatta of PAS have submitted a letter to the PM to discuss transition plans.

2.19pm: Yong Teck Lee and SAPP mentioned. ISA condemned.

2.19pm: Anwar advises BN not to misuse their powers. All these appear to be preludes to the main point.

2.18pm: Anwar says he is confident that Pakatan can overcome these problems.

2.17pm: Anwar is addressing the price inflation of rice and petrol, and the media government propaganda.

2.16pm: Anwar is talking about Malaysia Day, how it is an important day.

2.15pm: He is flanked by wife Azizah and DAP leader Tan Kok Wai

2.14pm: Anwar is in the house!

2.12pm: Still fashionably late, that Anwar.

2:11pm: One of our readers commented: mana dia (Anwar) Kena ISA ar?

2:09pm: Looks like all mainstream media are present.

2:08pm: Still no sign of Anwar.

2.06pm: Still waiting for Anwar's appearance.

2.05pm: This press conference is being held in Keadilan Party Headquarters.

2.04pm: Anwar's daughters are there. I can see Nurul the Lembah Pantai MP.

2:01pm: Press conference just started. The sound feed is very 'blur', so bear with me.