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Letter by RPK's wife Marina - Enough is enough!

I just read the letter by RPK. According to malaysiakini and other news sources, this brave mother and wife is leading the charge against a whole organized, corrupt regime, which incarcerated her husband by evil and draconian means. What a brave soul!

Dear Readers,

I just like to thank the hundreds of support given to me and my family on the arrest under the draconian ISA law of Raja Petra Kamarudin or better known to you as RPK. Me and my children are fine and I assure you that I will never give up and do whatever I can to get my dear dear husband released on this draconion law that they have arrested him. I know that I have a huge family and support out there that I see and feel has given me the strength to be tuff and strong.

Yesterday our lawyer have sent a fax to Bukit Aman requesting visiting rights for me and my children and legal representation for him.

I was at the candle light vigil at Bukit Aman last night and I could not hold back my tears seeing so many people there inspite the large number of police and riote squard there.

I really believe that something good will come out of this (the arrest of my dear husband) as they say light at the end of the tunnel. I would like to think that this is the last straw that broke the camels back or the last nail in their coffin.

I was watching the news I just could not believe what I was hearing when the Home Minister forgot his name with some clowns standing behind him saying that the Sin Chew Daily reporter was arrested under ISA for her safety cause there were threats on her life. So now you know how it works, if your life is under threat they arrest you not the person making the threats. Hello, what do you think Malaysian are stupid or what? Can the clowns standing behind him tell him not to say anything if he has nothing to say cause only worms are coming out his mouth when he is talking and it is very disgusting.

Wow they have taken action and be assured there is no double standards here against an UMNO member for inciting hatred on the Chinese community. They have suspended him for 3 year and that is very very drastic you know...

What I would like to believe is that my husband has opened and made Malaysian aware and not be fooled any longer. You can see right, all these worms coming out of their mouth when they speak. Enough is enough cause my stomach turns when seeing these worms pouring out their mouth.

During the Permatang Pauh by-election what touched RPK most was when we went around and people were shouting out for him and come up to him just to shake his hand or requested to take a picture with him makes it worth the struggle for we can see that he has manage to bring awareness to the people. This really touched him so much that he could not hold back his tears. All this makes the long struggle the numerous times the house being raided by dozens of police at each raid worth the struggle.

What I would like to request from his supporters to not make his arrest under ISA meaningless when the time is right please standup and be counted or we will never see the end of this flip flop government.

Once again my children and I from the bottom of our hearts like to thank you for making this struggle of my husband and my family for a better Malaysia.

Love Marina.

p.s. What I cannot understand is they arrest RPK under ISA for insulting Islam but Islam forbids anyone for being incarcerated without being able to defend once self . So please someone explain the rationale in this cause I cannot and they say that his writing on the website about leaders has made the rakyat confused, are you readers confused please tell me?

God bless you, Marina.


Ikrak said...

Dear Marina,

My symphaty to you and our family and of course RPK.

Those bastards are not the worst form of human being ever created by Allah till doomsday. So there is no rationalisation on the conduct and behavior of these Malay-"Muslim" UNMO bastards.

I am a Malaysian working in Spore. I intend to travel to KL to meet you and your family and DSAI. My contact number is 02-63320964 or email me at to enable me to meet you and your family.

I am worried about RPK on hunger strike.

I knew DSAI through his cousine since my ITM days as a lecturer in 1975-1980. Please contact me k.

Narayana said...

Dear marina!

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to your family at this crucial moment in your lives! Rest assured, the Rakyat is with you and so is God!