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Hartal (Nationwide strike) - The solution for 1947, the solution for ISA?

It was 1947. The British were desperately trying to hold on to power in Malaya. However, the people of Malaya wanted change. The people wanted the British colonial masters out. They wanted Merdeka.

The PMCJA-PUTERA alliance, a group of nationalist Malayans who opposed the British colonial rule declared that 20th October, 1947 would be Hartal day, a day where no Malayan would go to work. A nationwide strike. A nationwide protest to demand change. (And who says protesting is not in our culture?)
So do we Hartal ISA?

There are many comparisons that could be drawn between the political situation then and when in 1947.

  • The British arrested dissenters under false pretenses (apparant communist insurgency) to hold on to power, the government is doing that now. (Malaysiakini reports: 1 2 3 4)
  • The British stoked racial tensions to maintain power, the government is doing that now. (Malaysiakini report: 1 )
  • The British ignored the voices of the people that protested and demanded change. The government is doing the exact same thing now. They are doing what the British imperialist did - crack down and arrest Malayans/Malaysians that dissent in a desperate measure to maintain power.
Evidently, we are still under the rule of the colonial masters of the BN. We are still being colonialised. The resources, the funds, the land that belongs to the people of Malaysia are being exploited and sucked dry by the colonial masters of BN just like in 1947. But that is not the issue. The issue is whether we Hartal ISA.

In 1947 a Hartal was declared. A nationwide strike. And boy did we Hartal.

Malayans around Malaya refused to pick up a shovel, refused to open shop, refused to drive busses, from the Kuantan to Melaka to Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. The people refused to work. The people spoke. They spoke loud and clear.

So do we Hartal ISA? Do we have the same courage as our parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents?

Do we Hartal like the people of South Korea, who just recently forced itself to be heard?

Are we as brave as the South Koreans?

I say we speak up. The current volume is not enough. We have to speak up louder and clearer, like in 1947 against the evil and draconian measures being taken by the current colonial masters. We have to speak up, by using the methods of the great Gandhi, by resisting. What better way to resist and protest by using non violent measures?

I say we Hartal ISA.

What say you?


lleekh said...

I say we HARTAL. The corrupt leeches, the racialists, the anti-Malaysians must go. Please get together to organize.
We just DO NOTHING for a day!

Danial said...

Interesting posting there. I'm sure you would have watched Fahmi Reza's 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. Really did opened my mind on what we (Malays, Chinese AND Indians) did to resist the British.

Heard that he's going to produce another documentary called Revolusi '48. Do check out his blogs on both docus.

vchi said...

llekh: Thats the spirit!

danial: Yes, I got the inspiration from Reza's 10 Tahun Belum Merdeka. Its sad that none of the parties that wrote the Rakyat's Constitution are around today.